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The blogger-fiddler playing informally at the Florida Folk Festival
The blogger-fiddler playing informally at the Florida Folk Festival with Wayne Martin, left and Pete Gallagher, right

You may remember the slogan, Be Here Now. Well I hope you are here now–to get started with what you can get from this web site.

The first thing is the exceedingly complete Start Fiddling Checklist. This is yours, along with two other useful items when you subscribe using the form at the right side of the page. You may already be well past the beginning fiddler stage. If so, maybe you are sharing your knowledge with others. This check list shows exactly the order in which I present new skills to the fiddle student.

Doug Epps had this to say about the checklist, “It is very good!!!  All your efforts on the instructional start learning fiddle checklist and beginning material is really well done.”

The next thing is the current blog post. If you click the top banner that says “A Fiddle Blog” it will result in the latest offering of fiddle information. I publish a new post about once a week.

Then there are the archived issues of Fiddle Tech Notes. These were newsletters I actually sent by postal mail to subscribers way back in the day. Much of it is still relevant. I may be converting them, in time to blog posts. and that will be obvious from the text.