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Reverbnation. I’ve been a member of this music publishing platform for quite a while, maybe several years. I put a few tunes up. But apart from looking at the weekly email, not much engagement on my side.

A week ago I got curious, “Who is actually crushing it on Reverbnation? Are they getting anything tangible out of it? Are they monetizing it?”

I couldn’t find a clue on the site itself. Maybe something was lacking in my search. So, I started my outside research by going to YouTube and putting in as a search term, “How to use Reverbnation.” What I found out only answered part of my question, and also raised other issues.

Of the top 10 videos for this search, not all were relevant. The last three were produced by Reverbnation and were totally off topic. The first video, holding the coveted top position was a sales pitch. The producer of the video was “IAmtheSEOGuy.” The purpose of the video was to promote his website where you can buy plays on Reverbnation. (I’ll explain this more later.)

Ironically, the number 3 spot was an interview with Jim Tobin, author of Earn It, Don’t Buy It. If IAmtheSEOGuy and Mr Tobin had a conversation, I would like to listen in.

A few of the videos were relevant but out dated. For example, one well produced presentation showed you how to install a Reverbnation widget on your website. Alas, that widget is no longer used.

Another thoughtful video offered a free pdf in the same subject. But, the link is no longer good. This YouTuber has moved on to a different niche.

My Point about Reverbnation, and I
Do Have One

This is what I took away from the hefty chunk of a day that I put in on this research.

If you are considering Reverbnation as a platform to publish your music, you need to look at Soundcloud also. One video compared the two and recommended Soundcloud as having a stronger community. He said they are more active and helpful, unlike the Reverbnation community.

I haven’t gotten into Soundcloud yet. But now I want to, and will report on what I find down the road.

I believe they  both have a widget you can put on your website to play your music. There are several ways to do this, of course. But, be aware that WordPress is a little fussy about handling mp3 files. I typically upload my mp3 files to my hosting server via the cpanel.

With a third party service like Reverbnation, you don’t have to do that. And playing the file won’t use your bandwidth, even while the visitor stays on your web site. (I don’t believe I ever had enough traffic on any site for this to be an issue. But, there it is anyway.)

Evidence of the Reverbnation Widget

An example of such a song widget is now up on (For WordPress users, this is not a widget I would put in the sidebar. Each song has its own widget. It goes on the page.)

Reverbnation has a unique feature of ranking your musical presence based upon the activity in your geographical community. In effect you are competing with other Reverbnation users in a 50 mile radius around your zip code. This is where the rankings come into play.

You could be the top band in folk, the top 3, or top 10, if you get enough plays of your posted songs. At least, that’s how I understand it. But, remember, IAmtheSEOGuy can make that happen for $10. Or more. Depending.

While on YouTube I twice let the automatic continuation process lead to a related video. The ones that came up were more relevant than some in the top 10. I could continue the research and have a much better to 10 than YouTube, but, I need to move on to Soundcloud.

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