Power to the Fiddle Tune List

Getting the Most out of Your Fiddle Tune List

My first fiddle tune list was stored in my fiddle case. It listed the tunes I could play. My intention was to have the list handy when meeting new musicians to play fiddle tunes with. There were not a great many tunes on the list, maybe three dozen at most.

In those early days of fiddling … Read more

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Announcing: Fiddler Loose Wrist Secret Revealed

How to Have the Fiddler’s Loose Wrist

The secret of the fiddler’s loose wrist is…the fingers! When you gain flexibility in your fingers holding the bow, the wrist must also become flexible.

There are two exercises recommended by violin instructors for achieving this. That is, teachers use one or the other of the two, usually not both. Recently, Lauren Rioux demonstrated the one I don’t … Read more

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String Band Arranging by Joe Walsh

String Band Arranging Basics

Arranging for string band is woefully underrated. Most string band arrangements are plain vanilla. Everybody plays at the same time from beginning to end. The purpose of flavorful arranging is, as Joe Walsh says, “to stave off boredom.”Joe K Walsh, mandolinist and string band arranger

He was one of the music wizards i got to work with at the Mike Block String Camp. I’m a little embarrassed … Read more

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