Reading Fiddle Music

 Reading Music when You Play the Fiddle

In traditional violin pedagogy reading music is taught right along with learning to play the violin. Books like Tune a Day, String Builder, and All for Strings show the open strings on the music staff first. They have the student play these open strings while looking at the chart for when to change from one string … Read more

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Band Management Allegory

Sea Berth Band Lesson

This is a fictional account of incidents that disturbed the harmony in the Sea Berth Dixieland Band. I’m Al, the trumpet player in the band. I joined the group in the early days when they needed a soloist to fill in between the singing, which the band members were surprisingly good at, considering they were primarily wind instrument players.

Kayla, the Read more

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Fiddling with Harmonics

Fiddling Harmonics, not Just a Trick

The trick of fiddling  harmonics is common enough, but nowhere is it used more than in the third time through Whistler’s Waltz. We’ll get to that. Let’s start by saying what the harmonic is.

There is a physical property of the vibrating string called the node. That’s a place on the string at whole number divisions where a secondary Read more

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