Pinkie Finger Fiddling

Fiddling and the Pinkie Finger

Pinkie finger fiddling lets you stretch beyond your limits, if you have avoided the pinkie. And I’ve met serious music violinists who are pinkie avoiders. It forces you to do work-arounds in playing music that are a little cumbersome.

My attitude towards this little finger changed when I began fiddling. I heard how fiddlers use the pinkie to drone with … Read more

Remembering Vassar Clements

Vassar Clements–Virtuoso Fiddler

Remembering when a friend called me with the news that Vassar Clements had passed away….Today I’m recalling that phenomenon of the Music Spirit that we called Vassar.

On just a few occasions I was able to get right next to Vassar while he was playing. I watched and listened closely, just drinking it in.

Vassar Clements sitting down in between performance
Vassar Clements looks like he’s thinking about music
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Bow Grooves and Shuffles

Fiddle Grooves–Bow Shuffles

What kind of shuffles can you do with the bow? That question came up recently. I started putting a project together called Bow Grooves and Shuffles…Here are some of the components.

Barn Dance Band doesn’t need music stands

1 Accents. You are not going to get anywhere until you have the ability to place an accent on the note you play. My … Read more