Fiddler’s Fakebook Reviewed

Looking at The Fiddler’s Fakebook

The Fiddler’s Fakebook by David Brody, published by Oak Publications, has been a mainstay of fiddle groups in Pinellas County. First the Bay Area Fiddlers Association relied on it, back up players as well as fiddlers. It has chord indications for the fiddle tunes. Then, the Wednesday morning group in Dunedin with the guitar players also using it.

Fiddler's Fake Book

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String Ensemble Class

String Band Ensemble Class

This is a list of talking points for starting a string ensemble class at Music Matters, where I teach in Pasco County. When I handed this to a colleague, she talked about some other teaching venues that had tried this and not succeeded. So, I understand, nothing is guaranteed.

Air Force Strings engaged in teaching young students.

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Fiddle Improv

Let’s Improve Our Fiddle Improv

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Cracker Jazz or Hillbilly Jazz is fiddle based music that expresses the improvised line in fiddle style. The comparison to bluegrass is obvious. In bluegrass each instrument is allowed only limited scope for improv, usually eight bars, sometimes equal to the length of a fiddle tune.

Fiddle Improv for Listening

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