Cross String Fiddling

Picking up the Other String

Fiddling with the Cross String Shuffle

Let’s suppose you can play some hoedowns with good rhythm, steady shuffle, danceable speed, or almost. What can you do to raise the level of your bow work?

A simple, but tricky, technique to master is the cross string shuffle.

With this bow pattern you cross to and add the next string higher as … Read more

What Is Fiddle Music?

Fiddle Music’s Back Story

Fiddles in many shapes and configurations

Fiddle music arose because people like to dance and fiddle music provided a good danceable sound. Today the same holds true for contra dancing and Appalachian style back-step dancing. For country music line dancing a fiddle may not be required, but it would always be welcome. Irish step dancing is typically packed by traditional Irish … Read more

Fiddler Creation Myth

Elan’s Fiddle Story

Cousin of Kokopelli, Grassapelli plays the fiddle

I had my mid-life crisis early. At 32 I suddenly broke away from the life I had been living and started to play fiddle. No more violin, which had been neglected for some time anyway. I wanted to improvise. My first experience was in a folk trio. We played a lot of places, thanks to … Read more