Fiddle Tuning: Rough or Fine

Rough Tuning and Fine Tuning Your Fiddle

When you get a fiddle almost in tune, that was seriously out of tune, by moving the pegs, that’s rough tuning. To go from there to exactly in tune, that results from fine tuning. A fiddle might be acceptable to play when rough tuned, but for certainty and ease of playing, you need to fine tune Read more

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Reading Fiddle Tab Explained

How to Read Fiddle Tab Made Easy

If you are going to read fiddle tab, or violin tablature, know this: it’s so easy a six year old child can learn the basics in five minutes. I know this because I have seen it in the teaching studio again and again.

Shortnin Bread or Bilem Cabbage Down are two very good first fiddle tunes. I used Read more

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Patience for Fiddling

Learn Fiddling–Learn Patience


Patience: the capacity to tolerate difficulty without getting frustrated.

“Patience, hard thing! The hard thing but to pray,

But bid for, Patience is!” Gerard Manley Hopkins

In our material world, the virtue of patience has taken a real beating. And we fiddlers, we musicians, need it more than ever. There are cringe worthy examples of impatience in the news daily. Read more

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