Path to Fiddling Enjoyment

The Path to Enjoying Your Fiddling

Fiddling enjoyment has been on my mind from the first days of beginning to teach. I would always advise a beginner to find a tune they liked to play. Then, play that one first. As in, “Life is short. Eat dessert first.” But, how to get there as soon as possible. Here is a story as an example.


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The Old Five String Fiddle

Get Out the Five String (Fiddle)

Getting out the old five-string means five string fiddle now. The strings give it the potential for both violin and viola. I believe that if you’ve had experience playing viola, the five string will make more sense than if you have only played violin or fiddle. It combines the tuning of the viola and the violin. It implies both. … Read more

Learn Fiddle Intonation

Get Good Intonation in Your Fiddle Tunes

The topic of fiddle intonation reminds me of a time, back in the 1980’s, when I put on an event with other string players at a local venue, Boatyard Village. We had an idea for a themed concert. We called it “Dawg Jam.” We played some David Grisman pieces and other fiddle tunes.

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