Tommy Peoples in Irish Fiddling

Tommy Peoples–a Great Influence in Irish Fiddling

About 20 years ago I was teaching an adult student with an Australian accent how to learn Irish tunes. He came to a lesson with a cassette, asking me to transpose the tune into tablature for him. The tune was played by Tommy Peoples and it was Tommy Peoples Reel, a catchy tune with lots of ornaments.

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The Octave Drop in Fiddling

The Octave Drop Transposition for Fiddle Tunes

Bag of Spuds is the most recent tune I’ve learned to play with an octave drop. I heard it many times on Lost in the Loop, a Liz Carrol album. She seques from Drunken Sailor Hornpipe into Bag of Spuds and plays it on the G and D strings with a gutsy, growly sound.

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To Swing or Not to Swing

To Swing the Eights or Not

I was confronted by the issue of swing the eighths or not when I attended the first Mark O’Connor Fiddle Camp. In a session led by Liz Carroll, I started playing Ships Are Sailing with a pronounced swing, just as I had many times before. Liz stopped me and said, “Oh, Elan, you don’t swing the eighths on a … Read more

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