fiddle tab is the easy way

The Problem with Ordinary Fiddle Instruction Videos

Typical fiddle instruction videos only show you how the instructor plays the tune. There is very little actual teaching. And I haven’t seen one yet that reveals the secrets of “getting that sound.”

They just give a demonstration. That’s all. It can drive you crazy.

If you’re serious about playing the fiddle, you deserve better instruction than that. Keep reading to find out exactly what kind of detailed coaching in secret fiddle techniques you can get from the Complete Fiddle Instruction System.

Find out the easy way to sound like a real fiddler.

Use the unique fiddle tabs format in this system, along with my personal tips on fiddle technique. You will get more hands-on how-to stuff in a few weeks than most beginning fiddlers see in a year.

How My Secret Helps You Learn to Play the Fiddle

Fiddling is fun. And discovering fiddle secrets is easy.

The Complete Fiddle Instruction System gives new and intermediate fiddlers the techniques, tips and secrets that make fiddling sound like fiddling. And make it fun and easy as possible, too.

Look over the description of the Complete Fiddle System below. See how it is designed to take you from having a new fiddle, never taken out of the case, to a having a familiar friend under the chin.

The process starts with the video, Learn How to Play Fiddle in One Lesson. This video fiddle lesson breaks down the action steps one by one, bow by bow. Nothing is assumed about what you know at the start.

You are shown:

  • How to tune your fiddle so that it sounds sweet. (You won’t have fun playing an out-of-tune fiddle.)
  • How to hold your fiddle for both comfort and power. (You could limit your ability with the wrong grip.)
  • How to hold your bow to get started fast.
  • How you get comfortable using the bow in 2 minutes…(This 3 step drill works like magic.)
  • Where to place your fingers of the left hand to play in tune. (Don’t use icky tape on the finger board.)
  • How to use your ears to evaluate the sound. (You learn to hear better, too.)
  • Particular sections of this video will enable you to:
  • Learn the 4 most important notes in fiddle music.
  • Master the A scale quickly and easily…(six of the top ten tunes use this scale.)
  • Pinpoint the one tricky move that holds back new fiddlers–and learn it instantly.
  • Use shuffle bow to get a danceable sound.

Play a real hoe down, Shortnin’ Bread, in barn dance style.

By the end of the video you are a fiddler. You can play a how down in authentic barn dance style. You saw every move clearly and slowly executed. Every action was explained in detail. You can’t get this kind of knowledge from a book.

You can easily read fiddle tab notation. The video explained and illustrated it completely. You saw how it shows you what finger to use and what string to put the finger on. Even if you don’t know the names of the strings, you can play the right notes.

Fiddle tab is so intuitive a child can learn it in a few minutes. It is no obstacle to enjoyment in playing the fiddle. Standard music notation can hold you back.

Once you have done the basics from the video, keep going with the book and CD,

Have the most popular tunes with 43 Fiddle Tunes in Tab.

This book and audio CD combination supplies you with the top tunes played in fiddle jams. You move easily from one tune to the next. They are arranged in progressive order of difficulty, from beginner to advanced.

You start right where the video leaves off. You continue by picking up one new fiddle technique after another, tune by tune.

As you go through 43 Fiddle Tunes in Tab, you discover:

  • The top 10 fiddle-banjo tunes, as selected by The Grassometer bluegrass newsletter.
  • Many of Fiddler Magazine’s top 20 tunes, as well. These tunes are played everywhere.
  • Favorite Irish session tunes. My students requested these.
  • Instructional tips that make the tunes easy and fast.
  • The CD plays the tunes for you at a slow speed for easy comprehension.
  • Jig bowing for Irish tunes.
  • Slides and fall-off’s.

These tunes allow you to build your technique as you gain the standard repertory of fiddlers. When you understand the concept behind the technique, you can apply it to other tunes–as many as you want.

Use the exact bowing technique that makes you sound like a real fiddler.

The focus of the first six tunes is to enable you to “groove your shuffle.” Musicians talk about the “groove” in the music they play.

They mean that danceable feel. This aspect of fiddling is the most essential for having a toe-tapping rhythm. This is how you get a lively response from audiences! And yet it is sadly neglected in most instruction.

Soon you are starting to use slides the right way. And using fall-off’s to get that “lonesome” sound.

You begin to branch out in bow technique by learning swing rhythm in “Harvest Home Hornpipe.” Next come the first group of Irish fiddle tunes–jig, reel and waltz.

You begin with the basic universal jig bowing. It works with Canadian, American and Scottish jigs, too. Then, you start picking up some of those mysterious Irish “ornaments.”

The book keeps you building your technique until you go into drones, double stops and even shifting into third position. And all of this technique is focused on serving your purpose as a fiddler. You can take these techniques and apply them to other tunes from any source.

The easiest-to-use fiddle tune book you ever put on your music stand.

Here’s a big gripe: fiddle tune books that won’t stay open on the stand. You have to use clothespins or some other kind of clip to get them to say put.

You won’t have that problem with 43 Fiddle Tunes in Tab. Open it to any page and put it on the stand–it stays there.

The comb binding makes this possible. It’s the only logical way to bind music books. But few publishers do it. Why? The added cost makes it prohibitive to the bottom line.

But it’s my personal preference for books I buy. So, It’s the only way I’ll have the book printed.

There’s no better offer anywhere on the web for fiddle instruction. Twenty-seven years of learning and teaching have gone into this. It’s unique–beyond the cutting edge and priced at the cost of a private coaching session.

You could be really moving ahead and starting to have fun. Get the Complete Fiddle Instruction System. Join the world wide circle of fiddlers. You’ll have more fun, sooner and easier if you do.

This package is the equivalent of more than a year of lessons. If you came to my studio for this it would cost more than $1000 and still be the best deal in private fiddle lessons you could find.

You are getting far more material than I could teach you personally in my studio in 3 months private lessons. And the rate for that is now over $100 a month. Do the math. Figure out the advantage of this great offer.

I look forward to you joining me in the fast growing world wide circle of fiddlers.