Fiddle Instruction in Homeschooling

How Fares Fiddling in Homeschools?


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The parent as teacher in homeschooling

Are homeschoolers getting good fiddle instruction? This question came up in a recent discussion about homeschool music. I researched the question by putting first one term then another into Google. The first was “music education in homeschool” The second was simply “fiddle homeschool.”

Music education in homeschool was first because I wanted the big picture. What part does music play in the curriculum for parent teachers? A big part is the answer.

Validating Music in the Homeschool Program

With one exception, all the search engine results pages led to sites that handled my search term very well. Some were portal sites. There were articles, videos, recommendations, links to sites offering resources. Many of these sites had affiliate disclaimers. I believe some people are making bank in this area.

That one exception was Pinterest. The offer of 776 images relating to music education in homeschool was tempting, but I wanted to keep going with the project of drilling down to fiddle instruction in homeschool. Yet, I hope to get back and check out the images.

The portal sites had a large collection of curriculum pages. The one with music resources talked up the value of including music. Then it moved ahead to specific recommendations. These sites were well designed and put together, too. They had a lot of content. Some were in blog format, and I left thoughtful, relevant comments where I could.

There is a strong thread of Christian affirmation running through most of these web sites. I now have the impression that if it wasn’t for the deeply committed Christian community there wouldn’t be much in the area of homeschooling. I’m not sure how to take this because the value of the curriculum resources is universal. Good education transcends creed, caste and tribe, in my opinion.

Two sites promoted SQUILT. That’s Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time. has an affiliate program. I hope they are not too picky. I entered my fiddlecoach email address in my request.

Squilt logo, music education resources for homeschooling parents
Music appreciation and education for homeschoolers

Altogether the sites from the Google result page of music education in homeschool was an impressive collection of winners.

Fiddle Homeschool Results

And then we have the results for “fiddle homeschool.” Quite different from the first search. Only the first three sites had any relevance to my search term. They were all regional resources for homeschoolers.

It seems the need is underserved. I used “fiddle homeschool instruction” but found no better results. The ninth position in that search was the first in “fiddle homeschool.” Let’s look at some details.

Number 1 is representing SCOPE. That’s St. Croix Organization of Parent Education. They promote Analise Zierhut, a violin-fiddle teacher who uses The American Fiddle Method.

Number 2 on google is the same website, this time offering Anna Zimmer as the teacher. She teaches Suzuki method and fiddling. This is regional, but it’s completely on point.

(I have gone back to check this data and Google is giving me different results for the same keyword. They no doubt think I was unhappy with the first and changed it up for me. Now there are no direct links to the teachers’ pages as there was before.)

Number 3 was when I started this. Now that site is number 1. Yea! And I cheer because they have a really seriously excellent fiddler to offer their users. He’s still number 19 out of 21 on the page, and he’s the only one who teaches fiddle. The link to his web site is It’s a bare bones site that mentions credentials, including a shout out from fiddle star Darol Anger. It is up front with his rate: $30 per half hour.

And, finally, it has a link to some YouTube videos and his band The page has a performance video and a complete album posted using the Soundcloud widget. (Thank you Orange Mighty for allowing me to hit on Soundcloud in this post after all. I was putting it off, but, hey, here it is!)

All this is good for fiddle but where are the resources for homeschoolers? There are none. Neither for instruction, not for fiddle music appreciation.

This is serious food for thought. If I missed something you know about, please clue me in. But right now it appears I need to invent the wheel if homeschooled fiddle students are going to have any options online.

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