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Googling Fiddle Blog

When I Googled fiddle blog a while back to see how my site was ranked, I could not find it even in 20 pages. There were any number of sites that were totally inappropriate to “fiddle blog”. Why was my site not listed? It occurred to me that I would make it easier for Google to identify my site as a fiddle blog. I changed the name of the site to “A Fiddle Blog” and added the subtitle “Blog posts about fiddling.”

Google page listing fiddle blogs
Not all of these listings are fiddle blogs, especially the last.

In a few days my site was on the third page. After some time I decided to do some research on which sites came up for this term on the first page. The great news was, my site was number five. Here’s how the list went.

1 Blog Posts Fiddle Hangout–which has a url to match the title, almost. The good news was a quote from my post about relaunching my fiddle blog. It would not hurt to put something up at least once or twice a month. I haven’t written anything there for a while. That needs to change.

2 LizKnowles – The Fiddle Blog  has no content. There are no blog posts. We can deduce that Google cannot determine a blog by its content. They determine a blog by what it is called. But there must be other factors for this site to have such a high ranking, second only to fiddlehangout which is a mammoth fiddle resource.

3 publishes a blog  post on the 1st and the 15th of the month. I looked at several. Good posts, solid stuff. The site is well constructed. It links to an album page on squareup.comm/store/paddledoo-music and also has books of Scottish tunes.

4 Blog – Fiddling Demystified, the current post is dated Jan 23, 2017. About the March of the Women. I didn’t look at the rest of the site. Since the owner is not keeping it up, I doubt if many would click into the site for more info. Maybe I’m wrong.

A Real Fiddle Blog–and Current!

5 A Fiddle Blog, (yes, that’s my blog). Current post Memorizing Fiddle Tunes. With a graphic I put together with the help of Canva and two bucks.

6 Current post is 05 Janvier 2019. The post is about Tommy Peoples. It’s in English. And it features his jig, “Don’t Touch the Green Linnet.” I downloaded the jig. I have some curiosity about the host of this blog. May look into it further.

7 Artist Blog: Fiddler Laura Cortese on How to Name a Fiddle Tune. This is Strings Magazine, a major player in my world. I left a comment about how I named “Squirrel Jump.” I have to wait and check back to see if it’s approved. In similar posts, I found a Darol Anger post that looked good, too.

If Only Evan Fiddle Played the Fiddle

8 Evan’s Blog – is about New York commercial real estate. Evan Fiddle is his name. Google didn’t catch that. There are quite likely other factors boosting the SEO for these sites that are irrelevant or very out of date.

9 Fiddling Questions? James cleveland…  Again, the pairing of blog and fiddling is reasonable. Alas, the current post is dated June 8, 2017. It’s “Practicing Advice,” and it’s very short. Good advice, yes, but….

10 Blog | The Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource. If you guess that this is also not about fiddling, you are right. It is about a fig plant that has a leaf called Fiddle Leaf. This site is an excellent example of a niche site that has been put together to make money in a small niche. The site is well made. It offers a free goodie for signing up. (Not for me, it’s the wrong kind of fiddle.)

Blog About Fiddling

I also searched “blog about fiddling” and got similar, and slightly different results. My site was number four on the page. (Yea!) Fiddle Hangout is still number one there, and I would not take that away from them. Fiddling Demystified is number two with its very old and irrelevant post about The March of the Women. Sure, it was topical at one time, say two years ago. But, even then it was not about fiddling.

There may be some good fiddle blogs out there that are not on the first page of Google for a silly reason that I have no knowledge of. Maybe, like me, the writer has not made it obvious that they are blogging on the topic of fiddle. Otherwise, Google may not find you at all.

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