Crank Up the Fiddle Coach

A Long Time Ago

in a Fiddle Studio Far Away

Way back when, I used to publish a monthly newsletter, Fiddle Tech Notes. For three or more years, I wrote an article on one aspect of fiddling every month, printed it, and sent it out by  postal mail.

Monetarily, it was a break even scheme. The great benefit was the writing I got done, which is still on my hard drive, and could be used to some good purpose. Especially if I edit and update the articles.

I spoke my truth and got it out there. There is satisfaction in that even if there is no money pay off. I don’t believe you can overstate that motivation. It’s behind 99 out of 100 blogs online.

I stopped writing for a long while. There were some health issues and emotional issues. Some call it life. Now I feel it’s time to get back in the groove and share my thoughts about playing the fiddle.

This is my perception of the skills I bring to the table:

1 Tab charts—clear, easy to read, with good bowings. You sound good when you play them. (Accurately.)

2 Technical analysis of exactly how to do certain parts.

3 Practice techniques that speed learning and build playing skills.

4 Improvisation skill and knowledge of how to learn it.

5 Performing skill that attracts fans and supportive musical colleagues.

To bring these factors together and publish online suggests a video outreach. I have a YouTube channel that has had no new material added for a long time. 

Recording a video is quite different from sitting down to write. Both take time, energy and will.

We don’t have unlimited amounts of these. To do this on a regular basis will require a compensation. A membership site is the logical choice.

This email letter is the first pull on the rope to see if the motor sputters to life. There is one thing, one favor you can do that will help move things forward.

If you are involved with any fiddle resource online, could you make a comment. I am researching the field and hope to gather a good list of resources to publish. (For free.)

My experience started with Scoiltrad, which is now I added Jug of Punch to my repertory from them. Also, I subscribed to Fiddlin Mike, http://www.fiddlinmike.comI picked up Wildcat Blues from this one.

There are many more such fiddle lesson sites now. The video production quality tha I’ve seen is very high. I don’t expect to attain that high a quality in the video part. My wheelhouse is the teaching quality.

Please share what you have experienced by making a comment and typing the data.  And thanks again for visiting this site about playing the fiddle.

4 thoughts on “Crank Up the Fiddle Coach”

  1. I’m a free loader 😊 At,, I find these a great resource of information and all offer paid membership at a decent price and I think I would have no issues with paying for your site after introducing several players to your book and the site 100 fiddle tunes

    1. Thank you for your endorsement and your quip about fiddle necks. If you saw the movie Red Violin, you know how romantic red necks can be!

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