Practice and Tools

Memorizing Fiddle Tunes

Memorizing Music on Fiddle

Memorize the tune, enjoy the fun

You often hear the advice that we should sing our tunes to memorize them. I would say this advice is ignorable and dismissed by most students, who  do not like to sing, even by themselves.

I use a simple process to memorize tunes. And I teach this to my students. It seems they will not do this drill unless I seriously … Read more

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Fiddler and Violin Care 101

Basic Fiddle Care as If It Were a Violin

The source of the fiddle care quotes is Strings Magazine Guide to Common Sense Instrument Care. This is a 32 page booklet I got for $4.95 from Strings Magazine. It was published 1990. Sub Titled,  “How to Look After Your Violin (or Viola or Cello) and Bow.”


For the sake of completeness i have included Read more

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Reading Fiddle Music

 Reading Music when You Play the Fiddle

In traditional violin pedagogy reading music is taught right along with learning to play the violin. Books like Tune a Day, String Builder, and All for Strings show the open strings on the music staff first. They have the student play these open strings while looking at the chart for when to change from one string … Read more

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