Practice and Tools

Power to the Fiddle Tune List

Getting the Most out of Your Fiddle Tune List

My first fiddle tune list was stored in my fiddle case. It listed the tunes I could play. My intention was to have the list handy when meeting new musicians to play fiddle tunes with. There were not a great many tunes on the list, maybe three dozen at most.

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Fiddling with the Culture Code

Daniel Coyle and Fiddling

As I prepare for going to the Mike Block String Camp, I have one recommendation for summer reading to leave with you. I’m about 2/3rds the way through The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle, and I’m getting so much out of it, I have to write this now.

If you are…

in a band or hope to be someday,Read more

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Being Creative as a Fiddler

The Creativity Story

You may be  a Creative already and not know it. Or, maybe you feel that you are not creative. Or, you may already revel in your creativity.  No matter. Here’s a story that sheds beau coup light on the subject. At the end of the story I’ll explain the whole allegory. Let’s start with a familiar setting:

An Inventor, a Poet, and

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