Improv Licks–Hot and Wild

Get’cha Red Hot Improv Licks

Hot licks make my eyes cross!

Cultivating improv licks is not a beginner move. It’s intermediate or advanced. There are approaches for beginners, including scale patterns, pentatonic patterns, call and response exercises.  Consider anyone who gets serious about improv digs into music theory, chords, progressions, modulations. Along the way with this study comes hot licks and the sources thereof. But … Read more

Fiddler’s Fakebook Reviewed

Looking at The Fiddler’s Fakebook

The Fiddler’s Fakebook by David Brody, published by Oak Publications, has been a mainstay of fiddle groups in Pinellas County. First the Bay Area Fiddlers Association relied on it, back up players as well as fiddlers. It has chord indications for the fiddle tunes. Then, the Wednesday morning group in Dunedin with the guitar players also using it.

Fiddler's Fake Book

At one … Read more

Fiddling Call and Response

Call and Response on the Fiddle

Gandy dancers demonstrating their skill at the Florida Folk Festival
Gandy dancers demonstrating their skill at the Florida Folk Festival. Call and response evolved from labor.

Not many years ago I was at the Florida folk festival at the same time as Darol Anger. I had not met him at that time, as I did at the Mike Block String Camp. I was hanging out with the crowd that … Read more