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Fiddlers Read Music Notation

Fiddlers Read Music Notation and Fiddle Tab

Do all fiddlers read music notation? No. Do all violinists read fiddle tab? No. Why not? Many fiddlers are on the way to reading music notation. But, violinists, the ones I’ve met, profess distain for fiddle tab. Maybe it’s ego, maybe it’s just laziness. They don’t want to learn it. Even when I tell them a six year … Read more

Royce Burt Fiddle Tone Improver

How Royce Burt Enhances an Old Fiddle

To understand what Royce Burt does and how it makes average student violins sound like professional instruments, you must learn about graduation. The top and back plates of the violin have a contoured change in thickness. This change is called the graduation. Royce Burt regraduates run-of-the-mill

instruments to make them sound as good as the best fiddles.

He … Read more

Band Management Allegory

Sea Berth Band Lesson

This is a fictional account of incidents that disturbed the harmony in the Sea Berth Dixieland Band. I’m Al, the trumpet player in the band. I joined the group in the early days when they needed a soloist to fill in between the singing, which the band members were surprisingly good at, considering they were primarily wind instrument players.

Kayla, the Read more

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