Do Fiddlers Need Organization?

Rules to excel at what you do
Fiddlers can use these rules, too. Rules are a form of organization.

This is about how I organize my fiddling life. I just began a new SkillShare program on organization. I believe it will encompass more than one course and ask for something to be posted once or twice during the time of the workshop. The first course is in Productivity System. As I get … Read more

Fiddle Blog Review

Googling Fiddle Blog

When I Googled fiddle blog a while back to see how my site was ranked, I could not find it even in 20 pages. There were any number of sites that were totally inappropriate to “fiddle blog”. Why was my site not listed? It occurred to me that I would make it easier for Google to identify my site as a fiddle … Read more

Fiddle Fiddle Ensemble Crushes It

The Power of Fiddle-Fiddle Ensemble

Fiddle and fiddle playing together in an ensemble implies a strong tradition in fiddling known as twin fiddling. There are other possibilities, and current fiddle practice as seen on YouTube shows some possibilities that go beyond twin fiddle. Let’s first take a close look at twin fiddling.

Close harmony characterizes the genre, along with parallel bowing. That’s why it’s … Read more