Back Up Fiddling tips

Playing Back Up Fiddle in a Band

Back up fiddling in a band
Many chances to play back up fiddle in this band.

Compare back up fiddling to guitar player/singers who are learning their music. Most often they start with three chords, G, C and D. Many songs can be sung with strumming accompaniment using only those three chords.

The guitar playing backs up the singing, creating a frame of sound … Read more

Buy a Violin Bow to Fiddle

What Fiddlers Should Know about Bow Quality

My recommendation on bows used to always be the same. “The best bow for the money is a carbon fiber composite bow just under $200.” Then I would say, “You would have to spend $500 to get an equivalent wood bow, unless you were just lucky.”

Close up of the bottom of the bow frog
The Froggy Bottom of the bow

I don’t say that anymore … Read more

String Band Arranging by Joe Walsh

String Band Arranging Basics

Arranging for string band is woefully underrated. Most string band arrangements are plain vanilla. Everybody plays at the same time from beginning to end. The purpose of flavorful arranging is, as Joe Walsh says, “to stave off boredom.”Joe K Walsh, mandolinist and string band arranger

He was one of the music wizards i got to work with at the Mike Block String Camp. I’m a little embarrassed … Read more