Fiddling On the Off Beat

Shuffles and other Fiddling Off Beat Tricks

Maybe the first difference you can hear between a real fiddler and a violinist playing a fiddle tune is the accent on the off beat. By the way, Liz Carroll produced an album titled On the Off Beat, which is a playfully clever title. I begin teaching my students about this not long after they play Bilem Cabbage … Read more

Whole Bow Fiddling

Using the Whole Bow for Fiddling

How much bow should I use in fiddling? When do I use the whole bow? Are good questions. It may not come up with a seasoned player who has good bow technique, or even the fiddler who has the questionable habit of  choking up on the bow. Let’s consider the possibilities.

First of all, the player who chokes up … Read more

The String Band Secret


The Empowering Secret of the String Band

The String Band: what is it and what is its secret? We associate string bands with old-time music, also called old-timey music. But there is a little more to the genre than imitation of what has gone before.

If you do a minimum of research, like I did, by going to Wikipedia and searching “string band,” Read more