Bow Grooves and Shuffles

Fiddle Grooves–Bow Shuffles

What kind of shuffles can you do with the bow? That question came up recently. I started putting a project together called Bow Grooves and Shuffles…Here are some of the components.

Barn Dance Band doesn’t need music stands

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Fiddle Improv

Let’s Improve Our Fiddle Improv

From skyandsea876 on Flickr

Cracker Jazz or Hillbilly Jazz is fiddle based music that expresses the improvised line in fiddle style. The comparison to bluegrass is obvious. In bluegrass each instrument is allowed only limited scope for improv, usually eight bars, sometimes equal to the length of a fiddle tune.

Fiddle Improv for Listening

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Fiddling On the Off Beat

Shuffles and other Fiddling Off Beat Tricks

Maybe the first difference you can hear between a real fiddler and a violinist playing a fiddle tune is the accent on the off beat. By the way, Liz Carroll produced an album titled On the Off Beat, which is a playfully clever title. I begin teaching my students about this not long after they play Bilem Cabbage … Read more