Fiddle Circle

A Fiddle Circle Near You

Violin for fiddle circle
Violin ready for the Fiddle Circle, photo by Lukas

“I will join your circle/ and be welcomed in…”

These lines, from Back Home at White Springs by Jim Rhodes, come into my mind as I begin writing about the Fiddle Circle.

Jim Rhodes, who wrote the song, was singing about the Folk Circle. I believe the Fiddle Circle is a … Read more

What Is Fiddle Music?

Fiddle Music’s Back Story

Fiddles in many shapes and configurations

Fiddle music arose because people like to dance and fiddle music provided a good danceable sound. Today the same holds true for contra dancing and Appalachian style back-step dancing. For country music line dancing a fiddle may not be required, but it would always be welcome. Irish step dancing is typically packed by traditional Irish … Read more

Fiddler Creation Myth

Elan’s Fiddle Story

Cousin of Kokopelli, Grassapelli plays the fiddle

I had my mid-life crisis early. At 32 I suddenly broke away from the life I had been living and started to play fiddle. No more violin, which had been neglected for some time anyway. I wanted to improvise. My first experience was in a folk trio. We played a lot of places, thanks to … Read more