Fiddle that Cabbage Down

Bilem Cabbage Down is a favorite tune, both for fiddlers and for audiences. It has that instant recognition, “Okay! this is a hoedown!”

Most fiddlers will play some variations when performing, but few play a distinct A part and B part.

Yes, there is a B part. For a long time I thought no one else played it. I only heard the A part played … Read more

Music Theory 2 for Fiddlers

We got to the stage of building triads from any note in the scale. You benefit from this ability in many ways, creating variations, improvising, getting better intonation. It’s just a matter of practice, doing the same move over and over.

Now come the chord progressions. This is where music theory really gets into action. As you play a tune, you notice that the chords … Read more

Music Theory for Fiddlers

Start learning music theory by fiddling a scale. The scale is the basis for music theory. Play the D scale. Begin from the open D string and go note by note until you play the last note of the scale on the A string with the third finger.You just played an ascending scale. When you start with that last note and go down, note by … Read more