Fast Track to Happy Fiddling

Cat playing fiddle on a skate board
Prospective cover image of fiddling book

Fast Track to Happy Fiddling, Learn to Play Fiddle and Have Fun is the working title of my book about..well, learning how to play fiddle. It starts at the very beginning and goes to about the intermediate level of fiddling. By very beginning, I mean even for someone who has not gotten a fiddle to play, there is advice … Read more

Fiddlers Teaching Fiddle

Intermediate Fiddlers Can Teach Beginning Fiddle

From time to time I will encouraged a student to teach beginning fiddle. They may be intermediate. They know enough to teach a beginner. The most important addition to what they already know is the order in which to teach the skills required.

Recently one of the fiddlers in my Wednesday group revealed that she wanted to get her … Read more

The Best Fiddle Hold for Endurance

The Fiddle Hold That Let’s You Play

Three shoulder pads for comfortable fiddle hold
On the left the Mach 1, middle the Kun Voce, right a pad with brand unknown

You may have already seen articles online about how to hold the fiddle. Some seem very strict. The goal is to have a position with your fiddle hold that permits flexibility and power without undue stress and fatigue. That’s not the easiest … Read more