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Fiddle Practice Techniques

Fiddle and Violin Practice Techniques

Use fiddle practice techniques well and play in a band like this one.

At the first of the year we often make resolutions. Some of us even set goals and write them down. I’ve done that for years. If you have a goal of achieving a definite objective with your fiddling, then I support that wholeheartedly. You can also make … Read more

Cross String Fiddling

Picking up the Other String

Fiddling with the Cross String Shuffle

Let’s suppose you can play some hoedowns with good rhythm, steady shuffle, danceable speed, or almost. What can you do to raise the level of your bow work?

A simple, but tricky, technique to master is the cross string shuffle.

With this bow pattern you cross to and add the next string higher as … Read more

Pickup Notes

Pickup Notes Video

This morning I presented on Zoom a short program on pick up notes. No one showed up. I made a serious flub with my email service. I sent myself a test email. It was good. So, I was done, right? Not so fast. How about sending to your readers.

First I acknowledge the blog post by Ed Pearlman titled, “Pickup notes: Read more

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