Fiddle Instruction

Pickup Notes

Pickup Notes Video

This morning I presented on Zoom a short program on pick up notes. No one showed up. I made a serious flub with my email service. I sent myself a test email. It was good. So, I was done, right? Not so fast. How about sending to your readers.

First I acknowledge the blog post by Ed Pearlman titled, “Pickup notes: Read more

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Pinkie Finger Fiddling

Fiddling and the Pinkie Finger

Pinkie finger fiddling lets you stretch beyond your limits, if you have avoided the pinkie. And I’ve met serious music violinists who are pinkie avoiders. It forces you to do work-arounds in playing music that are a little cumbersome.

My attitude towards this little finger changed when I began fiddling. I heard how fiddlers use the pinkie to drone with … Read more

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String Ensemble Class

String Band Ensemble Class

This is a list of talking points for starting a string ensemble class at Music Matters, where I teach in Pasco County. When I handed this to a colleague, she talked about some other teaching venues that had tried this and not succeeded. So, I understand, nothing is guaranteed.

Air Force Strings engaged in teaching young students.

1 What it is: … Read more

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