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Pickup Notes

Pickup Notes Video

This morning I presented on Zoom a short program on pick up notes. No one showed up. I made a serious flub with my email service. I sent myself a test email. It was good. So, I was done, right? Not so fast. How about sending to your readers.

First I acknowledge the blog post by Ed Pearlman titled, “Pickup notes: Read more

Bluesy Fiddle Notes

Play Blues Fiddle Notes

Eddie South played bluesy notes on the violin

Joe Craven gave a special presentation at the Mike Block String Camp on bluesy sounds. Yes, it was all about what blues sounds like. And he encouraged his listeners to make these sounds on the spot. It was a fascinating and powerful presentation, and I got to be part of it by being … Read more


Make Your Fiddle sing

Checklist to Make Your Fiddle Sing

Look at this checklist to answer the question, “What is needed to make your fiddle sing?”

Gypsy, make your violin sing!

1 Intonation–you must play in tune, you can’t play out of tune notes and please your listeners.

2 Use the whole bow–a legato stroke that is smooth, connected and uses the whole bow is essential for a singing … Read more