Patience for Fiddling

Learn Fiddling–Learn Patience


Patience: the capacity to tolerate difficulty without getting frustrated.

“Patience, hard thing! The hard thing but to pray,

But bid for, Patience is!” Gerard Manley Hopkins

In our material world, the virtue of patience has taken a real beating. And we fiddlers, we musicians, need it more than ever. There are cringe worthy examples of impatience in the news daily. Read more

Learn Fiddle Tips–Little Book of Talent

Five Crushing Tips for Learning Fiddle

The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle, was published in 2009 and became a New York Times best seller. I remember reading it and talking it up with my students and colleagues as tips to learn fiddle. It revealed the concept of deep practice. And related that deep practice to “hotbeds” of talent development.

The book revealed how myelin wraps Read more

Top Fiddle Tunes in Your List

Your Fiddle Tune Repertory

How you choose your fiddle tunes can be very personal, or it may be a matter of necessity. I still recommend to my students that they choose tunes that are well known for at least 80% of their fiddle tune repertory. Below is an explanation of my current…

Favorite Fiddle Tunes and Why I Keep Coming Back to Them

This list Read more