The Productive Musician

Musicians’ Productivity

Sarah Whitney gave her presentation on musicians’ productivity through Facebook. It was live video, good quality. At one point there was a glitch or difficulty that stopped the presentation. Aside from that one instance, it went smoothly and well.

Sarah Whitney gave her Musicians’ Productivity presentation on FaceBook

I got to the party a few minutes late. When I came in she … Read more

Violin Stand

The Safe Violin Stand

The safest place for a violin is a good, sturdy case, resting on the floor inside a room. Some of the riskier places I have seen violins are: lying on the chair that the violinist has been sitting in, hanging from the edge of a music stand, resting on the floor, leaning against an amplifier. Not that I saw a bad … Read more

Nancy Rohn Violin Shop

A Fiddle Case Disguised as a Sports Car

Buying a Good Fiddle at a Violin Shop

We had good conversation as she was showing her shop. I had to put my foot down on my ego and ask for patience. In due course of time she showed the violins she had available. I had already mentioned that the last fiddle I got, the five string, … Read more