About Elan Chalford

Did you know that fiddling is a complex skill made up of many simple skills?

I’m a fiddler, fiddle teacher, fiddle tune writer, and blogger. For 25 years, from age 18 to almost 33, I was a violinist in the orchestra. Many people thought that was a prestigious position, even though it didn’t pay well. Then, almost 33, I had my midlife crisis early and left that behind to start fiddling.

My main ambition was to improvise. Within a year I was doing that in a bluegrass band, while

Elan Chalford took a selfie when he got a smart phone. This may be the only one ever.

adding fiddle tunes, (and banjo tunes), to my repertory list. The band changed banjo players to become an old time string band, with new tunes to learn.

By this time I had already been teaching how to play the fiddle. y students pushed me to add Irish tunes to my repertory. I got to like those, too. Along the way I’ve produced several albums and have contributed to many more.

In my teaching I took the extra time and effort to study how people learn and how experts teach. In the early 90’s I got the Master of Music degree in Composition and Violin. I was already writing fiddle tunes and songs. Now I do it with a little more savvy.

For about 12 years after my grad study I was active in the Toastmasters Club. It was worthwhile attaining the level of Distinguished Toastmaster. I learned so much about speaking, listening and leadership.

Now I’d like to share with you what I’ve picked up over all these decades. Sign up for my newsletter, Fiddle Tech Notes, and we’ll go from there to enhance your fiddling and raise your performance to the next level.

Here’s what Doug Epps had to say about my Start Fiddling checklist, “It is very good!!!  All your efforts on the instructional start learning fiddle checklist and beginning material is really well done.”

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Where I meet students and teach: my home at 33 Lake Shore Dr, Palm Harbor, FL 34684.