Fiddling On the Off Beat

Shuffles and other Fiddling Off Beat Tricks

Maybe the first difference you can hear between a real fiddler and a violinist playing a fiddle tune is the accent on the off beat. By the way, Liz Carroll produced an album titled On the Off Beat, which is a playfully clever title. I begin teaching my students about this not long after they play Bilem Cabbage … Read more

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Fiddle Blog Review

Googling Fiddle Blog

When I Googled fiddle blog a while back to see how my site was ranked, I could not find it even in 20 pages. There were any number of sites that were totally inappropriate to “fiddle blog”. Why was my site not listed? It occurred to me that I would make it easier for Google to identify my site as a fiddle … Read more

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Memorizing Fiddle Tunes

Memorizing Music on Fiddle

Memorize the tune, enjoy the fun

You often hear the advice that we should sing our tunes to memorize them. I would say this advice is ignorable and dismissed by most students, who  do not like to sing, even by themselves.

I use a simple process to memorize tunes. And I teach this to my students. It seems they will not do this drill unless I seriously … Read more

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