Fast Track to Happy Fiddling

Cat playing fiddle on a skate board
Prospective cover image of fiddling book

Fast Track to Happy Fiddling, Learn to Play Fiddle and Have Fun is the working title of my book about..well, learning how to play fiddle. It starts at the very beginning and goes to about the intermediate level of fiddling. By very beginning, I mean even for someone who has not gotten a fiddle to play, there is advice … Read more

The Productive Musician

Musicians’ Productivity

Sarah Whitney gave her presentation on musicians’ productivity through Facebook. It was live video, good quality. At one point there was a glitch or difficulty that stopped the presentation. Aside from that one instance, it went smoothly and well.

Sarah Whitney gave her Musicians’ Productivity presentation on FaceBook

I got to the party a few minutes late. When I came in she … Read more

Violin Stand

The Safe Violin Stand

The safest place for a violin is a good, sturdy case, resting on the floor inside a room. Some of the riskier places I have seen violins are: lying on the chair that the violinist has been sitting in, hanging from the edge of a music stand, resting on the floor, leaning against an amplifier. Not that I saw a bad … Read more