Mike Block String Camp 2019

The 2019 Edition of MBSC

The week of the Mike Block String Camp is July 8 to 13, at Vero Beach, Florida, just where it was held last year. And I was there then. I hope to go again. Now that I have some understanding of what it is like, the stress factors may be different. Maybe it will be even more enjoyable than before.… Read more

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Fiddle Bow Hold

Two Fiddle Bow Holds

There are two bow holds that I’m going to be writing about here. The beginner grip and  the advanced grip. The beginner grip is easy to show, demonstrate and teach. Many Suzuki teachers rely on this grip for beginning students. It’s an easier grip for them. And although I call it a beginner grip, Mark O’Connor used this grip for years … Read more

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Fiddlers Read Music Notation

Fiddlers Read Music Notation and Fiddle Tab

Do all fiddlers read music notation? No. Do all violinists read fiddle tab? No. Why not? Many fiddlers are on the way to reading music notation. But, violinists, the ones I’ve met, profess distain for fiddle tab. Maybe it’s ego, maybe it’s just laziness. They don’t want to learn it. Even when I tell them a six year … Read more

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