Don’t Let Music Notation Stop You from Playing the Fiddle

“Got the 43 Fiddle Tunes in Tab package about five days ago.
I’m already playing three tunes from it! And I was a complete fiddle beginner,”
says, beginning fiddler, Geri Freitas.

Now you can sound like a real fiddler–
faster and easier with these unique fiddle tabs…guaranteed 100%

Attention, fiddle students, violinists–

You may be a beginner or an intermediate fiddle student. But, I’ll bet you’ve already hit the the wall of frustration–the challenge of those blankety blank little black dots on the music staff.

I don’t know how many telephone calls I’ve gotten from beginning fiddlers that are frustrated with fiddle teachers thatinsist they learn how to read music notation right away.

But, these discontented students have convinced me: reading music notes is a waste of time.

And, if you’re a little discouraged by the difference between what you want your playing to sound like, and what you hear coming out of your fiddle. Here’s the answer, the fiddle student’s dream come true:

The Fiddle Tabs Method that Really Works

Geri continues–

The book of fiddle tabs is crisp and clear, very easy to read. Also the video is excellent–Just what I needed to see and hear as a beginner fiddler-want-a-be. I gained much valuable knowledge seeing and hearing how to properly hold the fiddle, two ways to hold the bow, and how to shuffle the bow. Great stuff!And, the fiddle tunes on the CD are absolutely fabulous!

Michael Avina says, Your video and cd have already advanced my understanding a great deal and your teaching style is comfortable and relaxed. Thanks for putting together such a great learning package!

Keep reading for detailed info about the unique fiddle tab method of learning to play fiddle.

Are You Frustrated with Books and Videos that Don’t Teach You How to Play the Fiddle?

Have you gotten one of those books that are suppose to teach you how to play the fiddle? And the first part is about how to read music notation? You’re suppose to translate those stinkin’ little dots into sharp, flat or Scruggs. And you spend more time on that than actually playing the tune. What’s that about?

Why struggle with those bewildering little dots when you don’t have to?

Mastering the fiddle to the point of being able to play a hoe down can be fun. Don’t frustrate yourself by trying to learn standard music notation.

In my fiddle lesson studio, five year old kids learn to read fiddle tab in a few minutes. It’s that easy and intuitive.

If they can, you can, too–even if you already have learned some music notation.