Fiddle tech notes

Fiddle Tech Notes E-zine Still Being Enhanced

A substantial part of the fiddle instruction newsletter is online. You can download it and print it out, or just cruise through to see if there’s anything useful for helping you learn to play fiddle.

The newsletter, Fiddle Tech Notes, was the classic “one page newsletter” format when it was postal. That means it held to one subject for each issue.

Archived Newsletters from most recent to earlier

Fiddler’s Loose Wrist

Cross String Shuffle

New Year’s Resolutions

Fiddling with a Metronome

Fiddling by the Numbers

Fiddling for Your Self

Fiddle Rhythm and Math

Fiddle Waltzes.

Over-played Tunes.

Vassar Clements.

Pinkie Finger Fiddling.

Buy a Violin Bow

Visit a Violin Dealer.

Back Up Fiddling.

Irish fiddling.

Learning the Orange Blossom Special.

Fiddle and Violin Practice Techniques.

Comparing the Violin and Fiddle.

The first month’s edition recaps the philosophy of teaching fiddle that inspires this web site.